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20 Jan 2021 Men's & Women's Pairs Draws
27 Dec 2020 GBR Pennant Season 2020-21
19 Dec 2020 2020-21 Over 60s Entry Forms

Men's & Women's Pairs Draws

Vivian Baker, Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Attached are the draws for the Men's & Women's Pairs for members

Please note that in the Mens event there is 2 sections and played at 2 clubs.

The Women's event is also being played at 2 clubs.

Please read the draw carefully and pass onto your members that have entered.

Also Please note:-

Clifton Springs Division 8, (Team 4) has been withdrawn from the Saturday competition. They will be replaced with a Bye. An Updated printable fixture will be produced in the next few days and circulated. Bowls Link has been updated to reflect this change.  

A reminder to all Clubs that it is necessary to complete Team entry’s in Bowls Link every week, even if you have a bye or walkover. If you have a walkover/forfeit you need to enter this in Bowls Link, don’t just leave the match blank.

Also, results submission can be finalised by home side Manager after both Managers concur after the match and enter the results. This saves the Away Manager from confirming the results at the away Club before leaving. This change streamlines the results process.

Remember any issues with teams, scores, results etc, report them as soon as possible. GBR Pennant Recorder Graeme Wright 0400 153 122 and email address
Jim Millar
GBR Secretary 0447 433 938

Click on the links:  Mens Pairs Draw Section One 2020-21.xls

Mens Pairs Draw Section Two 2020-21.xls

Womens Pairs Draw 2020-21.xlsx


GBR Pennant Season 2020-21

Vivian Baker, Sunday, 27 December 2020


Attached please find 17 separate files in pdf format being fixtures for this season’s pennant competitions.

It should be noted that we have already had issues filling Division 10 Saturday with Clubs withdrawing recently. The Division 10 fixture will follow at a later stage, (not too late).

BowlsLink competitions portal is still being developed for all our games up to this recent level and presently might not display the correct information. Graeme Wright will get back onto these updates soon after Christmas. The fixtures will be on our web page shortly and we will further advise when Div 10 and BowlsLink are ready to use.

It must be pointed out this set of fixtures are gospel and we ask you where possible, please circulate to as many members as you can.

I will also send these to Your Club admin email at a later stage.

Seasons greetings to all.

Kind Regards,
Jim Millar
GBR Secretary

0447 433 938


MW Div 1.pdf Sat Div 1.pdf
MW Div 2.pdf Sat Div 2.pdf
MW Div 3.pdf Sat Div 3.pdf
MW Div 4.pdf Sat Div 4.pdf
MW Div 5.pdf Sat Div 5.pdf
MW Div 6.pdf Sat Div 6.pdf
MW Div 7.pdf Sat Div 7.pdf
  Sat Div 8.pdf
  Sat Div 9.pdf
  Sat Div 10.pdf
  Sat Premier Div .pdf



2020-21 Over 60s Entry Forms

Vivian Baker, Saturday, 19 December 2020

Clck on these links:

2020 -21 Over 60s Mens Singles (3).doc

2020 -21 Over 60s Womens Singles (3).doc

2020-21 Over 60s Womens Pairs (3).doc