Our New Beginnings

Joan Tennent, Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Geelong Bowls Region was officially incorporated on 8th April, 2011 following a special meeting of club delegates of:Geelong District Bowls Association, Geelong District Ladies Bowls Association and the Bellarine District Ladies Bowling Association.

This incorporation came as a regional response to the historic unification of the Royal Victorian Bowls Association and the Victorian Ladies Bowls Association at the Victorian State level. Unification at a State level resulted in the dissolution of RVBA & VLBA Groups & Districts throughout the country and metropolitan areas and, in its restructuring, prompted the merger of the three local Associations to form the Geelong Bowls Region.

The Geelong Bowls Region acknowledges the proud history of bowls within this region and has recorded the significant achievements of the Associations in files downloadable by clicking on the appropriate link below:-

Geelong District Bowls Association Geelong District Ladies Bowls Association

Bellarine District Ladies Bowling Association

GDBA History & Executive
GDBA Singles Champions
GDBA Pairs Champions
GDBA Triples Champions
GDBA Fours Champions
GDBA Champion of Champions
GDBA 60+ Singles Champions
GDBA 60+ Pairs Champions
GDBA Mixed Pairs Champions
GDBA Under 18 Singles Champions
GDBA Under 25-30-35 Singles Champions
GDBA-RVBA Veteran Singles Champions
GDBA-RVBA Veteran Pairs Champions
GDBA Pennant Champions
GDBA State Representatives
GDBA Australian Representatives

GDLBA History & Executive
GDLBA Singles Champions
GDLBA Pairs Champions
GDLBA Triples Champions
GDLBA Fours Champions
GDLBA Champion of Champions
GDLBA 60+ Singles Champions
GDLBA 60+ Pairs Champions
GDLBA Pennant Champions
GDLBA Novice Singles
GDLBA State Representatives
GDLBA Australian Representatives

BDLBA History & Executive
BDLBA Singles Champions
BDLBA Pairs Champions
BDLBA Triples Champions
BDLBA Fours Champions
BDLBA Champion of Champions
BDLBA 60+ Singles Champions
BDLBA Pennant Champions
BDLBA Novice Singles
BDLBA State Representatives
BDLBA Australian Representatives